Hi there!

I’m Emma Faith!

You probably know by now that I am a photographer of weddings, couples, and love stories- but what you may not know is my heart behind it. 

My heart beats to capture real moments and authentic emotion. Rather than producing posed and ‘perfect’ moments, my style reflects the raw, spontaneous, in-between moments of two people madly in love with each other. Simply put, my goal is to capture what the day really feels like!

My photography style isn’t a one-size-fits-all as each love story is completely unique and no two weddings are the same. The way I document love stories is ever evolving, and will always be tailored specifically to the couple’s personality and the connection they have. 


What is it like to have me with you on the day?

Weddings should be centred around what’s most important, and that’s what I capture. Of course I will capture the big moments (like anyone can!), but I also focus on the moments in between.

Moments like your dad beaming with joy after seeing you for the first time in the dress.
Moments where grandma tears up during the ceremony as she nostalgically remembers what it was like to be a bride.
And moments where you share that special look with your loved one who sees you at the end of the aisle.

I’ve been a bride myself, so I understand how choosing a wedding photographer is an important investment! Documenting your story with authentic, natural and creative images is so important to me. I capture wedding stories in a way where couples can look back at their images and remember how they felt. All the emotions, tears, joy, the big belly laugh moments, and all the tight hugs from all your loved ones. Simply put, my goal is to capture what your day really feels like.

My approach to photographing couples is calming, natural, and fun. I'm a personable, easy-going person and I like to consider my couples as friends. I’ll blend in with your guests, get to know your family and friends, and probably have a little boogie with you on the d-floor! We’ll chat and have fun while I document your day and capture moments as they unfold authentically.

After the wedding is finished, the dress is hung up, and the cake is eaten- you will have a collection of authentic, personal, and beautiful images that tell the story of your day. Something that you can treasure, reflect on often, and share with family in years to come.


What next?

Well, let’s get to know each other! I want to hear more about your day, discover what you value and guarantee that you have exactly what you need for your wedding day. I would love to catch up over coffee to learn how we can be the perfect match for you and your fiance’. We’ll chat through the details, laugh a bit , and get to know each other. Talk soon!


Fast Facts!

I met my husband in high school and our first conversation was about our shared hate of strawberry milk (Sorry strawberry milk lovers!)

I am a lover of vintage fashion and you will usually find me in a pair of overalls

I’m so addicted do doughnuts and have a growing list of my favourite doughnut spots!

Obsessed with all things Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Cheddar is my spirit animal)

I have a heart for adventure- I love getting out in nature and exploring this beautiful country. I have family all around Australia which makes traveling even better!

I love animals and my response will always be YES to photo sessions with fur-babies

I took my first photo on a film camera at three years old, and I have been obsessed ever since. Film is still a favourite format of mine!


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